Republican Seniors of Minnesota

Republican Seniors of Minnesota came to be some time in the 1970's when some people from a state convention thought it would be a good idea to form groups of Senior Republicans around the state. Three "clubs" where formed: in Duluth, St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Now, due to some advertising, word-of-mouth and securing top-notch diverse speakers, we are averaging 80-100 at our meetings with a mailing list of over 1300 seniors throughout the metro area.
As an aside to the above, we truly believe the increased interest in seniors wanting to get more engaged is due to what they see as a deterioration of the U.S. economy, families and our culture under the progressive/liberal policies of today's Democrat Party, Senators Klobuchar and Smith, and our current Governor Walz. This is based on comments expressed in our meetings and conversations we have had with various members.

We believe in and advocate for the following principles:

-Personal Responsibility
-Economic Prosperity
-Peace Through Strong National Defense
-Limited, Sensible Government

Here's our 2024 Republican Seniors Constitution here.